Project Title:  Threading A Dream
Year:                2018
Medium:          Acrylic, vinyl, LED light, and custom MDO
Dimensions:    28 feet height 12 feet wide 9 inches depth
Location:         Mead Public Library, Sheboygan, WI
Public Art Program: Art in Public Spaces Program / John Michael Kohler Arts Center
Description:     The Connecting Communities Art in Public Spaces program generates a creative exchange between artists and the Sheboygan community. It develops interaction through the creation of new works of public art and connects people with their own creativity, while enabling a diverse public to build a cultural identity that facilitates positive change.
Budget:  $28,000

Project Title:  Ararauna
Year:                2018
Medium:         Acrylic on asphalt
Dimensions:  400-foot road mural
Location:       Garment District Plazas NYC: Broadway, between 41st and 39th Streets
Public Art Program: Urban Garden / NYC Garment District Alliance and DOT Arts
Description: The piece is named for the South American parrots that were mysteriously introduced into the city of Caracas in the 1990’s, and have managed to thrive in the urban center. Using a color palette selected from nature to depict soothing silhouettes of tropical flora and fauna, the piece creates a unique  space for meditation and reflection, and brings a message of environmental awareness and peace and hope to the Urban Garden. 
Budget:  $15,000